About UnitiSmart

Our journey begins with a vision, one that would revolutionize the way people store and use medicinal herbs.

In 2018, CEO Meni Florentin realized that industry standards didn’t meet neither the needs of the user nor the way buds should be treated. 

We set on a path to transform old habits through the use of innovative technology into perfect the experience of home consumption as a whole.

In Uniti, we value the power of crowd wisdom. We created our products with the community in mind, to compliment their needs and lack of information, to share experiences and gain insights to enhance your  lifestyle.
By assembling experts from various walks of life, in-depth research and years of fine-tuning, the first generation of Uniti X-1© was born.

Uniti X-1 is more than just a box- it's a whole new concept of herbal consumption, a smart home for your herb!


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